Ottawa Tires & Rims

Affordable Winter Tires

We have a large variety of tires and rims for winter season and leave it up to you to select out of them as per your requirement and suitability of your vehicle. Let us take hold of your care and assure your safety on roads of Ottawa and take you to your destination the way you want. A strong tire and unfailing rims is the guarantee of a protected journey and we provide you that protection. That is what we call care.

We know what your vehicle exactly needs in winter when all highways and roads are hard to travel in Kanata and Orleans, due to the frequent and heavy snowfall. Our tires are strong and capable of fighting against lowest temperatures of day and night. It does not matter you are having a personal car or commercial vehicle in huge size, or you are driving your company’s vehicle of any size, we are equally good at supplying tires and rims matching your needs. We respond to all sizes and compatibilities you may needs. You can contact us any time you want and we would say yes to your call.

No matter where are you going in your vehicle, we make sure that you reach your destination safely out of the dreadful snowfall. We can imagine you driving on a way that is snow-clad in the winter season and the hassle you have to bear in terms of wastage of time, energy and money. We can translate your pain of those moments and understand your needs when you are doomed to travel outside on the roads of Ottawa with the extremely fierce weather that hurdles your way and your tires get tired to drag the vehicle out of snow. This is where we come forward to help you out and bring you back to the track of life with our strong rims and tires that have been designed to combat the ferocious weather in winter.

Tips for Safe drive in winter season

Winter is approaching and the roads of Ottawa are losing their colour and a layer of white snow is hiding the tracks and the problems for the drivers on roads are multiplying. But do not worry. You can fight all troubles on the roads due to snowfall and enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted travel whenever you are going in Ottawa.

  • Use studs or chains in case of enormous snowfall
  • Be aware of the weather forecast before leaving.
  • Keep a gap between your car and the car ahead of you.
  • Release the accelerator in case of skid instead of applying brakes.
  • Switch the four tires instead of only two if you need to install them.
  • In rough weather conditions, keep necessary tools and items with you including your mobile, ice scraper, jumper cables, towing cable, first aid box, flashlights, gloves, blanket or warm jacket, tire chains, dry food, and flares.
  • Check the brakes, steering and gears while leaving.
  • Slow down on the corners and going downward.
  • Try to avoid cruise control in winter season.
  • To get the vehicle unstuck, clear it from snow first and then get more traction instead of giving it too much gas.